Tournament Standings

Lake Norman Crosstable     LKN # 4

Cross Table is best viewed from a desk top or laptop computer.

Lake Norman Chess Club Crosstable    27-Feb Mar 5th Mar 12th Mar 19th Mar 26th  
  Name Rating Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Pts
1 Aaron Wilson 1550 W3 w D4 b U     1.5
4 Lucas Prainito 1137 W2 w D1 w U     1.5
2 Debs Pedigo 1470 L4 b W7 w W6 b     2
5 Tom Prainito 1099P W6 b L8 w U     1
6 Ben Fortner 844 L5 w W9 b L2 w     1
8 Jay Satchwill UR U W5 b U     1
3 Benson Huang  1200P L1 b U U     0
7 Fred Kaouk 1616  U L2 b U     0
9 Arthur Pitts 1050 U L6 w  B     1
W= player won. L=player lost. D=player drew.
U= unplayed game 
B= full point bye (player had no opponent due to odd number)
P= Provisional rating